Friday, June 30, 2017

I am LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, well... that's YEARS of my life/memories, and a hell of a lot of hard work and time spent on MANY blogs through the years completely gone down the toilet.

No more blogging for me. $400 a year for something that's been free since forever? I didn't even get a warning.

Thanks so much, Photobucket. I really appreciate it.

Now go to Hell.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Baby, it's H-O-T outside!

 photo hugh thomson 470.jpg

- Thank Goodness that tropical storm changed it's path, and we're still getting a little rain this weekend.

It usually rains every weekend - literally every single weekend - but it decided to skip us last week. While that was a welcomed change, I must admit that I missed it because I hated having to water the flowers every single day. (Although Abby LOVES when we're out there watering. She hunts for rocks and explores while I'm giving the flowers a drink).

- The birds still seem to love their new bird bath, and since it looks like the lizards are here to stay we've been leaving shallow dishes of water out for them.

I try to keep the water in both dishes/baths as cool as possible, so every now and then I'll add ice to them.

- I've noticed this year that the wasps are always inside the grass instead of just flying around. I guess the heat is the reason for this behavior? All I know is it's a little annoying because I have to keep an eye out that the dogs don't step on one.

 photo 98_109.jpg

That's how miserable it was on Friday, although in Austin it was far worse. My brother said his barometer read 112 degrees!

- The other day I chucked my teensy tiny television and got a 36" Smart TV! I love that it has YouTube on it. Now I can watch Walt Disney World videos on my own tv!

They say the tv gets "smarter" the more you use it. That sounds kinda creepy, no?  photo blink_zps6f8a60d8.gif

When I had a headache I couldn't NOT watch my new tv, so I put on my sunglasses (no joke) and decided to watch something whimsical and which doesn't remind me that it's summer outside.

Don't laugh. Yes, I watched Brambly Hedge. Photobucket

- I've been wanting to bake gingerbread for some odd reason, but can you believe not one store carries the mix? I really didn't want to buy it ready made since I want to smell it baking inside the oven!

 photo gbread 400.jpg

- I've also been wanting to try out this little coffee place at Henkel Square in Round Top.

During the antique show this previous spring, they had a little coffee bar open at the Junk Gypsy Headquarters. I really regret not trying it back then.

 photo 500ncb.jpg

See? That looks so good to me. It's Nitro Cold Brew iced coffee. It even has vanilla ice cream in it!

I think I'm just going to have to take a quick road trip to that place next week.

- Speaking of Round Top, isn't this place pretty?

(Don't know what the deal is with the Salsa music. lol!)

Look at the trees, and that huge monitor barn! (It still humors me that so many people here have barns larger than their houses). Those monitor barns are mine and my mother's favorite style of barn.

The house is fully restored and dates back to the late 1800's. It even has an old log cabin on the property.

I would think this place sold a while back and is worth at least close to a million. The market in Round Top is insanely high priced.

- Just for fun, yesterday Mom was looking at houses online outside the Austin area. She found one house that really fits her style. (Very Disney's "Wilderness Lodge" type of look, only without the green tin roof). It even had a guest house, and THE VIEW..... well it was to die for! It doesn't take much effort to imagine how lovely it'd be to watch storms rolling in from that high an elevation.

If only we could win the Texas Lottery tonight.

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 photo 622 rndm.png

 photo 1.jpg

 photo 2.jpg

 photo 3.jpg

 photo 4.jpg

 photo 5.jpg

 photo 6.jpg

Our Don Juan Rose Bush used to grow so prolifically. The blooms were H-U-G-E and they had the most fragrant scent.

Lately, however - due to the heat I guess - they're so small and even when they first bloom they're already like crepe paper.

 photo 7.jpg

 photo 8.jpg

The leaves on Mom's poor tomato plants are so brittle. A few of our chaste bushes are the same way, but not all of them. Thankfully, most of the plants so far are doing pretty well.

 photo 9.jpg

 photo 10.jpg

 photo 11.jpg

 photo 12.jpg

 photo 13.jpg

 photo 14.jpg

 photo 15.jpg

 photo page-break.png

 photo CHV 1.png

- One of the donkey's names is actually "Marsha," but we can't recall which one. Since we can't recall their real names, we re-named them ourselves.

Every time they hear the riding mower or push mower, they now come up to the fence and beg for carrots.

- You can probably guess that the second video was taken months ago. (One morning, back in April, we had a lovely cool spell. It didn't last all day, but it was gorgeous for a few hours).

 photo blue.png

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This post is brought to you by Insomnia

 photo am think know 3.png

I am: really growing tired of keeping my mouth shut when I see someone say something so incredibly stupid.

I think: people need to start employing a little independent, critical thinking for themselves.

I know: that social media is as much a blessing as a curse.

I want: summer to die a quick death. It’s barely begun and already its been hell.

Speaking of the heat, when barbecuing tonight (seafood), there was a lizard out there that would not budge. It literally looked like it was waiting for us to give it something. It was really hot, so I thought I'd just set a saucer of water out for it.

And well, that lizard seemed pretty happy lapping up that water so.... mission accomplished.

These things used to scurry away from us so quickly, but lately they just hang around. I SWEAR they're training us to set water out for them. Oftentimes, when I water the flowers the lizards are out there with me.

Which Abby LOVES. She had quite the grand time chasing one around tonight. (Although I don't think she appreciated me telling her to leave the poor thing alone because, knowing Abby's personality she just wanted to make a new friend).

I have: no idea what to say for “I have,” so I’m just gonna move on to the next.

I dislike: pushy people when it comes to religion or politics. I’m a grown adult and can think for myself, thank you very much.

I also dislike that scorpions keep getting inside the house lately. Usually the Demon spray is wonderful at getting rid of them, but for some reason it isn't working right now.

I miss: when my niece and nephew were little and we shared such a tremendous, magical bond.

I fear: that as much as I love Disney, Bob Iger is ruining it by catering to the rich and charging people for things that used to be free. (Example: Prime viewing spots for the parades).

I feel: sometimes a little lost at sea without an oar.

I hear: music playing because right now I'm listening to the song below.

I can't help it, but I love it! It's always been a calming melody to me. Perhaps if I listen to it often enough, I'll fall asleep.  photo zzz_zpst6husyxw.gif

I smell: corruption in our government that’s against the American people. It feels as if we’re not even in a Constitutional Republic anymore.

I crave: creativity and sleep.

And now that I think of it, a cappuccino.

I search: for the meaning of life but in the end the Universe always responds with “Return to Sender.”


I wonder: why it is that a lot of the smartest people usually counter that intelligence with a lack of common sense.

I regret: that I still haven’t found my calling.

I love: my furkids!

I also love what I saw outside the window tonight. To quote one Sophia Petrillo, "Picture it -"

The stars were shining in a sea of black... (It gets really dark out here)... and in this one particular spot in the distance there's lightning. (Probably heat lightning). It went on for a long time and never seemed to move. It just looked so pretty seeing the stars and lightning together like that. Apart from that one thundercloud, the rest of the sky was nothing but blackness and twinkling stars.

I really wanted to sit out there and watch it, but I'm a scaredy cat about being out there at night. (Snakes).

I care: for things and some people far more than I should, but I try to hide that.

I am always: awoken by Abby at around 4 am every morning now.

I worry: that my sweet Abby sometimes thinks I’m her slave. When she wants something these days, she is very vocal. (Of course, to be fair she might have learned that from Izzy).

I sing: Disney songs to the furkids, but they don’t seem impressed. They’re a tough audience.

I argue: well on paper, but not in person.

I write: nothing at all these days.

I wish: I had a time machine.

I listen: to music primarily on my laptop these days. It’s difficult getting good reception on the radio around here, and the one station that I sometimes listen to always play the same exact songs.

At present, Lee Marvin has been replaced with Gregorian.

And after that it will probably be the following:


That tv series had some of the prettiest music. I also loved "Arthur and Gwen's Theme," and then "Lancelot Leaves." They sound melancholy, but sometimes I love sad music.

I don't understand: why in the hell there are “safe spaces” on some college campuses.

I am scared: these ridiculous, infantile “safe spaces” exist only as an attempt to indoctrinate the most gullible minds to blindly accept socialism.

I need: to paint my bathroom because I am tired of the walls looking like a band aid.

I am happy: that I got through this entire blog post. It was a complete waste of time, and actually quite negative, but what else does one do when inflicted with insomnia?

I can’t channel Pollyanna all the time and I don't take sleeping pills.

 photo 560.png
 photo 500gf.jpg

So I tried listening to calming music, but that lead to listening to almost everything under the sun.

Guess who won't be catching any ZZZZzzzzz's tonight.



Only the CUTEST song in the world!!! I love the lyrics.


I love this song just as much now as I did waaaay back when in high school. I think it was during our junior year that my best friend and I saw them at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. We had pretty good seats and even saw them rehearsing. During the concert one of the band members singled me out in the crowd. During one of their songs, he pointed at me and said “Yeah I’m talking to YOU, baby!”

It was… weird. Photobucket Of course, I wasn’t obsessed with the band members themselves so I thought it was just funny. I laughed at it back then and I still laugh at it now.


Boy, these songs date me as well. 1991.

Day-um! They're still timeless. It makes me want to jump out of bed and dance around the room like a chemically imbalanced person. C&C had some great upbeat music.


And you couldn’t go wrong – EVER – with George Michael. I still say that man was one of the best recording artists of our time. He had some great music back in the 80’s and 90’s. When I heard that he passed away, it felt so shocking to me. It felt surreal, like when Princess Diana died.

What I mean by that is that for practically my entire life these two have been in the media so much, and when the day arrives that they’re gone… it really feels unnatural.



Well hell. It’s official. Now I’m never going to fall asleep. Nothing beats Pompeii.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunny Sunday

 photo 430 sunday.jpg

- Since something like three companies were no-shows with putting in our concrete driveway and sidewalks, we had to forget about the driveway and put in our own sidewalks.

The brick sidewalk out front is now done. It looks good, too. We just hope the new grass will begin growing soon. It gets watered two times a day, but it looks like it's having some trouble.

It isn't any wonder though. It is hot, hot, hot, hot, H-O-T out there! Humid and hot.

 photo 422.jpg

- We're tired of never using our craft building, so once more we're trying to get it cool out there. (In the past we've re-done the ceiling at least twice, adding more insulation, but to no avail). It's usually in the 100's inside there, so this time we added TWO air conditioning window units.

Would you believe it still isn't freezing in there? I don't know that I'd even call it cool in there right now, and that's after running both AC's 24/7.

Well, at least it's comfortable and I can start using the treadmill again.

- I started to make siggies/wallpapers the other day, but quickly gave up.

 photo love_600.jpg
Larger Pic HERE

I haven't made them in years, so I'm really rusty and it just isn't the same without all the nice brushes. I just don't feel like bothering with them.

I do LOVE the concept art that I found for Beauty and Beast though. You can see them all HERE.

 photo page-break.png

 photo b1_600v.jpg

 photo 1_1.jpg

 photo b2_600.jpg

 photo 2_1.jpg

Isn't that the coolest frog?

 photo b4_600.jpg

 photo 3_1.jpg

 photo b2_564v.jpg

 photo 4_1.jpg

 photo b1_600.jpg

 photo 5.jpg

 photo 6.jpg

 photo b3_600v.jpg

 photo 7.jpg

 photo b3_600.jpg

Pretty boring pics this time, I know. The quality is pretty bad, too, seeing how sunny it's been. I guess I need to switch around the camera settings because when it's really sunny out my photos turn out dark.

I've purposely been trying to stop using the camera lately. I just get tired of taking the same pics all the time. I could always take some nice ones in Round Top or something, but it's just too dang hot. (And it's only June!)

Every time I go outside I keep expecting to see the fork tailed fella.

 photo page-break.png

 photo CHV 4.png

This particular morning felt so magical. The video didn't even capture just how many birds and dragonflies and hummers were out at that time.

 photo green.png