Sunday, June 11, 2017

For Today - June 11

 photo owls 371.jpg

Outside my window... it can be a scary place.

When I let Abby outside yesterday I saw a snake frantically slithering across the brick pathway. It’s living underneath the deck that we built.

I am thinking... that I am already more than ready for summer to be over with. It's been hell.

I am thankful... that Abby didn’t see that snake. If she had, I’ve no doubt she would have tried making friends with it; just as she does with the lizards.

In the kitchen... I made a delicious iced mocha after watering the gardens tonight. It was from a packet, so I was shocked that I liked it.

I am listening... to the strangest thing!

Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep, and I recently discovered something called “Rife Frequencies.”

People like to use them for meditation purposes, but most especially for healing illness. (I’m a major skeptic over that, but when you’re desperate to feel better… well I can’t blame anyone for trying it out).

But oddly enough I find that they do often help me relax and fall asleep.

Here’s one for headaches:

Of course, these frequencies do have different tones depending on the health issue you have, or what meditation you desire. (As in aligning chakras, improving any of the 6 senses, etc).

Like I said, I’m skeptical there’s any validity to them but what I DO know is that some of them – no matter what they say they’re specifically for – do help me relax enough to fall asleep.

I'm also listening to this little beauty!

I LOVE when the bagpipes start up, and how they meshed together this song and the actual scene from the series was pure genius! I have never seen anything so well matched before. It truly was flawless!

I am going... to have to re-upload to my blog a lot of photos and video from the past few years.

A lot of my photos will no longer load, and the YouTube videos look horrendous. (I used YT before I discovered Vimeo).

I remember... how much I used to LOVE watching this or listening to the record.

Looking back, I probably adored the story so much because I related to the heroine. In the story she was under an evil spell/enchantment. She would mix up her words, so no one could understand her.

And me? Well I had a speech impediment as a kid. Lol! It all makes sense now.

I am wondering... who they will use as the next doctor in Doctor Who. I hope I’ll like him.

Capaldi was okay, but he was definitely my least favorite. I think it was the writing more than him.

I just think I would have liked him a lot more if they brought back Captain Jack, and included River Song in more than just the one Christmas Special.

I am laughing... at all those Farmers/Dating commercials that they air on tv constantly.

I am hoping... that I never again will feel the way I have been over the past few months.

I am looking forward to... de-cluttering my bedroom.

Now that I have that antique sideboard for storage, I can re-decorate my room anytime I want. No longer do I have to bubble wrap my little trinkets and carefully place them inside storage bins in the garage. I can just place whatever I’m not using inside the sideboard.

A favorite quote for today......

 photo freq.jpg

I am learning... that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. I can deal with headaches, but everything else... no thank you!!!

Around the house... the dogs are constantly dragging their favorite stuffed animals out of their toy box.

While their playtime makes for cluttered floor space, I find humor in it because they remind me of little kids.

I am pondering... why so many people are such gullible suckers when it comes to listening to the mainstream media.

It’s pathetic. Why can’t everyone be independent, critical thinkers?

Skepticism is actually pretty darn healthy, folks.

One of my favorite things... is making Pineapple Dole Whips at home, just like they have at Disney!

 photo b4_zpsunzpecry.png

 photo CHV 3.png
Ah, yes. More videos.

As I've said before, I'm still playing catch up. It happens.

Because of the humidity, the cicadas have been noisier than usual lately. It is so loud at night here.



  1. Whatever relaxes you and helps you fall asleep.... USE IT!

    I used to have cassettes (remember them?) of Depak Chopra. Didn't matter what he was saying, his voice simply PUT ME To SLEEP! lol.

    Never read or watched "Outlander." Yes, isn't that terrible to admit. >,-) But that music is cool!!!!!!

    "I am pondering... why so many people are such gullible suckers when it comes to listening to the mainstream media.

    It’s pathetic. Why can’t everyone be independent, critical thinkers?

    Skepticism is actually pretty darn healthy, folks.

    YESSSSSSS!!!!! WHY??????? -sigh-

    Wishing you well, with health. It is the first necessity.

    Gentle hugs, Luna Crone

  2. I have Tinnitus, so I hear Cicadas buzzing in my ears constantly.
    It's enough to drive a person mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


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