Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunny Sunday

 photo 430 sunday.jpg

- Since something like three companies were no-shows with putting in our concrete driveway and sidewalks, we had to forget about the driveway and put in our own sidewalks.

The brick sidewalk out front is now done. It looks good, too. We just hope the new grass will begin growing soon. It gets watered two times a day, but it looks like it's having some trouble.

It isn't any wonder though. It is hot, hot, hot, hot, H-O-T out there! Humid and hot.

 photo 422.jpg

- We're tired of never using our craft building, so once more we're trying to get it cool out there. (In the past we've re-done the ceiling at least twice, adding more insulation, but to no avail). It's usually in the 100's inside there, so this time we added TWO air conditioning window units.

Would you believe it still isn't freezing in there? I don't know that I'd even call it cool in there right now, and that's after running both AC's 24/7.

Well, at least it's comfortable and I can start using the treadmill again.

- I started to make siggies/wallpapers the other day, but quickly gave up.

 photo love_600.jpg
Larger Pic HERE

I haven't made them in years, so I'm really rusty and it just isn't the same without all the nice brushes. I just don't feel like bothering with them.

I do LOVE the concept art that I found for Beauty and Beast though. You can see them all HERE.

 photo page-break.png

 photo b1_600v.jpg

 photo 1_1.jpg

 photo b2_600.jpg

 photo 2_1.jpg

Isn't that the coolest frog?

 photo b4_600.jpg

 photo 3_1.jpg

 photo b2_564v.jpg

 photo 4_1.jpg

 photo b1_600.jpg

 photo 5.jpg

 photo 6.jpg

 photo b3_600v.jpg

 photo 7.jpg

 photo b3_600.jpg

Pretty boring pics this time, I know. The quality is pretty bad, too, seeing how sunny it's been. I guess I need to switch around the camera settings because when it's really sunny out my photos turn out dark.

I've purposely been trying to stop using the camera lately. I just get tired of taking the same pics all the time. I could always take some nice ones in Round Top or something, but it's just too dang hot. (And it's only June!)

Every time I go outside I keep expecting to see the fork tailed fella.

 photo page-break.png

 photo CHV 4.png

This particular morning felt so magical. The video didn't even capture just how many birds and dragonflies and hummers were out at that time.

 photo green.png


  1. the wallpaper you made, is lovely! thank you for the link, to more...

    same here, taking pics of the same things. flowers in front.... bird bath fountain and pond, off back patio.... flowers in pots on patio.... same old, same old....

    soooo, I search for pretty paintings and pics, like in 'victoria' magazine. :-)

    can't imagine your heat. really can't. i'd never be able to get out of the house, except to run to car. but of course! I am 80!!!! lol

    Luna Crone

  2. your present gray blog look, is delightful.

    but you need to clean out old stuff. when you put up a new "anything," you have to delete the last "anything." :-)

    and make your outside background color, to white.

    Please and thank you.

    hugs, Luna Crone

    1. And here I didn't like the grey, so I changed it earlier. lol!

      No idea what you mean about cleaning out old stuff and the outside background color. Your computer screen must be showing something I'm not seeing on this end.


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