Wendy Darling


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- "I am a very quiet kitty descended from royalty; hence my long and beautiful name, Wendy Moira Angela Darling."

- "I am a very small and dainty little princess, so whenever I get cold I try to keep warm by sitting beneath a lamp."

- "My family always jokes that I had to have been a philosopher or artist in my past life, for I truly appreciate beauty and notice when a new picture has been hung up in a room or so little as a pillow has been changed. I’ve even been known to pat my paw on a picture I’m extremely fond of. And when my human mother used to carry me to my room at bedtime, I couldn't help but roll my head around, gazing in every direction at everything we pass by. Of course, these days I stay in Kristin's room. I don't know why, but she doesn't like it when I keep waking her up at night."

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- "My nickname is Wendy Woo, though I much prefer my full given name."

- "I am very patient with Izzy's obsession for me. She is always kissing me and trying to get me to play with her."

- "When I had kittens, my human mother always knew when it was time b/c I’d follow her around the house all day. I tried giving birth in her lap, but she didn’t seem to like the idea."

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- "Kristin seems to think I'm psychic since I never fail to jump onto her lap just seconds before she starts to get up."

- "I love to smell the flowers. I also like to nibble on all the nice floral arrangements in the house. I'm so happy my family buys those for my eating pleasure. They must really love me because they buy new ones for me all the time."

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- "When I sit, my tail is always folded about my little feet and my left paw is always hung daintily up in the air. I really am quite a feminine, petite little thing."

- "I am so quiet that I can go months without making a sound. Sometimes, when I do meow I do it with my mouth closed. My family thinks that’s funny for some reason.  Kristin jokes that it's like I'm suddenly Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She says she's beginning to wonder if I'm in love with a human, and I've struck a deal with some evil Ursula-type character that stole my voice as collateral should by human prince do the unthinkable and not fall in love with me.  But of course none of that's true.  I think Kristin just thinks too much."

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Just a quick note from Wendy's human Mama:
PhotobucketDon't believe one word Wendy Kitty said about herself. While that saccharine sweet personality typed above used to be truth, I'm afraid it expired a few years ago.

As Wendy's gotten older, her personality has taken a sharp turn towards the dark side. I think she hit her rebellious teen years a little late. (She seems to be enjoying herself though). To sum up, my little girl has turned from princess to butch.



Wendy passed away in June 2013. The post about her can be found in the link below.

Sleep Sweet



  1. Oh I am sorry, I didn't know Wendy had also passed. It is always heartbreaking to lose our furry members of the family. She sounds like she was a wonderful friend.

  2. Stopping, by from Houston, for the first time! Our condolences about Wendy. we wish we'd had the chance to encounter such a beautiful feline before she went to Rainbow Bridge, but enjoyed reading this post a lot!


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